Who is behind the magic at Kure Bazaar?

Our last theme of 2016 was No Place Like Home. In keeping with true MeeBox tradition and remaining as unpredictable as possible we took inspiration from The Wizard of Oz to create our Christmas inspired theme.

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Introducing Pigalle from Kure Bazaar


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Meet Kartika Luyet, a Swiss/Indonesian super-model turned eco-green beauty, the name behind the oh-so chic and eco-friendly Kure Bazaar nail polish line which has had the whole fashion and beauty world talking…and it’s no wonder: Kure Bazaar makes our nails look fabulous and replenished, owing to its super natural ingredients!

1. Tell us about your range and what inspired it?
Kure Bazaar began when I was pregnant with my son, I became more conscious of what I was putting in my body and as much as I love nail polishes unbelievably there was no alternative to a classic nail polish – especially one which guaranteed longevity and a range of shiny colours. I got together with one of my closest friends (who has over 20 years cosmetic industry experience) and we took on the challenge of creating the next generation in natural nail polishes. Today we are celebrated for our beautiful colour pantones and our innovative formula that’s up to 85% natural based on cotton, corn, wheat and potatoes (yes really!)

2. How have you been growing?
Creating Kure Bazaar’s unique formula took us over two years to develop…we wanted a natural-based formula but on the other hand we were not willing to make any compromises whatsoever; it had to be resistant, long-lasting, super shiny and have great colours too, in other words, quite a challenge! We launched in 2012 with a core collection of 26 colours and today we offer a celebrated line of over 70 fashion-forward and stylish shades.

3. What are your Inspirations behind Kure?
Each colour has its own story. Fashion plays an important role, but also on the street, on trips or when I’m outside amongst nature I find inspiration.

4. How do you select the colours?
I believe your polish becomes a true fashion accessory and making good colour choices can really compliment a look and flatter an outfit. In selecting the precise tone for each shade we also consider the light…so in daylight bright and vibrant colors come to life in such a beautiful way, especially during summertime. In the evenings I love the accents of dark colours. Our polishes are renowned for having unusual and unique elegant tones and this is something we very much celebrate.

5. What are your favourite Kure colours?
Each and every colour has been made with such precision and care until we obtained the right tint according to us. The one I found most challenging to express, as I knew exactly the red I was looking for, was Stiletto – it definitely represents the dream red to me.

6. Are there any stories behind each polish colour?
Rouge Flore is most dear to my heart, it was the very first colour we created…it is a super shiny and radiant red with a touch of orange for a chic and feminine effect. The name comes from the Café de Flore in Paris, where we first talked about our idea, Kure Bazaar.


7. What makes Kure stand out from other polishes ?
We all want beautiful, vibrant colours on our nails and if on top of that it’s so much better for you, less toxic…it can’t get better than that!

8. What has been your biggest achievement to date?
We are proud to be the first to launch the next generation in “fashion meets nature” nail polishes. Last year we also launched two nail polish removers of 100% natural origin…they are the result of 5 years development, it took so much more time as we were faced with difficulties in making the formula; we wanted it to be 100% natural AND odor free (and were not willing to make any compromises). So after years of research (and lots of patience!) we finally won this challenge, It is unbelievable to have a nail polish remover that contains no smell of solvent whatsoever, I am sure there will be lots of happy husbands out there..

9. If there was one person in the world you would want to wear your polish, who would it be?
Many Hollywood A-listers and celebrity make-up artists already love and wear our polishes and we are responsible for some of the most stylish and chic nail looks to be featured in Paris and London fashion shows…However Kure Bazaar is meant for every woman (and man!) who loves wearing nail polishes and are looking to preserve the vitality of nails, respecting their natural cycle of regeneration.

10. Where do you see Kure going in the future
We are working on a lot of exciting developments for 2017…watch this space!

11. Where can we purchase Kure?
You can find us in London at Fortnum & Mason and at John Bell & Croyden (from 22 February) also you can treat yourself to a Natural Kure Bazaar manicure or pedicure at multiple salons from Nails & Brows in Mayfair, Bamford Spa in the Cotswolds, The Potting Shed in Yorkshire, The Nail Yard in Edinburgh and many more…

Online we can be found at naturisimo.com, myshowcase.com and lovelula.com

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